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Faculty Housing Priority Program

Congratulations on your recruitment to the University of California at San Diego! We’re pleased to announce the Faculty Housing Priority Program (FHPP).

Please review the following information carefully, along with the FHPP Frequently Asked Questions, Property Information, and Eligibility, prior to completing the Application Form.

Program Provisions

  • Newly recruited, faculty members who have formally accepted an offer of employment in Academic Affairs at UCSD will receive priority access to campus owned and operated rental housing at La Jolla Del Sol Apartments.
  • Apartment availability is conditional based on existing resident(s) vacating as well as your apartment and need date preferences.
  • Due to the high demand for these apartments immediate availability is very limited therefore it is very important that you submit your application with as much advance notice as possible.
  • Faculty members who select housing are responsible for all costs associated with rental of the apartment, which includes but not limited to; deposit, rent, gas and electric, telephone, cable services, etc.


  • Eligible Faculty who wish to participate in the FHPP should apply via our online application.
  • Faculty who accept housing are responsible for the rent as of the ready date of the apartment. The ready date will be provided when the apartment is offered. Apartments may be available earlier than your selected need date.
  • Each faculty member will be required to provide a $100 deposit upon accepting the housing offer.


  • Due to the high demand for these apartments, Eligible faculty members are required to apply within thirty (30) days of accepting a position with UCSD. Should the faculty member not respond within this time frame priority access cannot be guaranteed.

FHPP Contact Information