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Graduate and Family Housing Advisory Committee

The Graduate and Family Housing Advisory Committee (GFHAC) is advisory to the Vice-Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Director of Housing*Dining*Hospitality (HDH). It serves as a resource for current and future Graduate and Family Housing (GFH) communities that house UC San Diego single graduate students and student families. The committee consists of ten appointed, voting members, one appointed graduate student Co-Chair, and five permanent ex-officio non-voting members. The committee has the following composition:

One graduate student Co-Chair shall be appointed by the GSA.
One voting staff representative from the Graduate Division.
One voting staff representative from the Health Sciences Administration.
One voting staff representative from the School of Pharmacy.
One voting graduate coordinator at large shall be appointed by the Dean of Graduate Division.
Five voting graduate student representatives shall be appointed by the Graduate Student Association (GSA).
One voting student representative for undergraduate couples and families shall be appointed by the Associated Students (AS).
Five permanent ex-officio non-voting members shall be the Executive Director of Housing, Dining and Hospitality (HDH), the Director of Housing Services, the GSA Vice President of Campus Affairs who appoints representatives to GFHAC, the GSA Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the GSA Staff Advisor.

This committee has two primary tasks.
1. To review and make recommendations to the VC/CFO and Executive Director of HDH on current and prospective policies, levels of service, budgets, and rate structures GFH communities. In that capacity, this committee should be involved with and aware of changes to policy during early planning stages to ensure adequate time for input. 

2. To review requests for exceptions, which have been previously denied by an HDH community manager. The committee is an avenue for appeal by students beyond the management offices. The appeal process can be started here.

The committee membership will determine an annual set of tasks to accomplish that may be supplemented by issues brought from the represented communities, and any other concerns or changes as the Co-Chairs become aware throughout the year and as appropriate.

To contact the leaders of this committee: 
Rachel Flannigan (GSA, Co-Chair) -
Jana Severson (HDH, Co-Chair) - 
Laura Chipman (GSA, Vice President of Campus Affairs) -