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Grad and Family Housing Waitlist

Create a new Application or Update your Current Application

Please carefully read the options below before clicking a button so that you are certain on which status applies to you:

With Campus Account:

Students, Faculty and Staff with a campus account (PID # with PAC/Password). Create a new application or update an existing one through the Waitlist Portal tab below.  Login with your campus credentials via Single Sign-On (SSO).  Once you are logged in, select the Grad and Family Housing Waitlist category and select the appropriate link.

DO NOT USE "" EMAILS FOR YOUR APPLICATION. Please use your personal or UCSD email address to ensure successful delivery. Thank you.

Log In Using Single Sign-On

Without Campus Account: 

Students are advised not to request temporary usernames and passwords. Instead, they should exclusively apply to the standard waitlist using their campus account. Requests for temporary accounts from students considering schools or incoming students lacking credentials will not be accepted. For further assistance, please reach out to via email.

Faculty and Staff without a campus account (PID # with PAC/Password).


  1. You will first need to request access by clicking on the "Request a Temporary Username and Password" button.  Requests will be reviewed for eligibility and you will be notified via email in about 48 hours.

    Request a Temporary Username and Password

  2. Once approved, please click the "Log In With Temporary Username and Password" button.

    Log In With Temporary Username and Password


School of Medicine

School of medicine applicants are required to retrieve their PID to be able to apply for housing.    

Per the School of Medicine, to receive instructions on how to retrieve the PID, you must first sign and upload the Technical Standards Certification form.   

For details on how to do this:

  • Log in to the School of Medicine application portal:
  • Click on the ADMISSIONS DECISION tab
  • Then click on UCSD Acceptance Procedures in the navigation bar on the left and follow the directions

After this is completed, you can email admissions staff at to let them know this is done. The Admissions staff will send you instructions on how to retrieve your PID. 

Once you have your PID, please return to this page to apply for Housing.