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Living Learning Community

Living Learning Community in Graduate and Family Housing

We are excited to announce the creation of a Living Learning Community (LLC) in Graduate and Family Housing! Our Living Learning Community (LLC) has been developed to strengthen learning by helping residents to connect academically and socially. The LLC is characterized by housing within the same residence location, shared co-curricular experiences, access to resources, and engaging in activities that reinforce common affinities such as aspects of culture. The Black Graduate Experience LLC (BGELLC) launched in Fall 2021 and is located within the Capa building of Nuevo East. The community is open to students eligible to live in GFH and has a two-year term limit to provide as many opportunities for those who would like to live in the community as possible. More information is listed below:

Black Graduate Experience LLC (BGELLC)

Nuevo East: BGELLC Virtual Tour

The purpose of the BGELLC is to be an optional, residential community designed to assist Black graduate students who can, through mutual support and shared living, affirm and celebrate Black scholarly excellence and Black culture in its various expressions. Community and collectivism undergird the goals of the BGELLC which are to,

  1. Address issues of concern to Black graduate students living in campus-provided housing by providing an inclusive space that emphasizes community and social justice
  2. Foster graduate scholarship, excellence, and achievement through meaningful programming that promotes pro-Black connections and celebration, shared personal and scholarly experiences, and life-long relationships

The BGELLC Lounge is a community space primarily intended for Black-identified students who live in the BGELLC, their guests, and allies within the Graduate and Family Housing community. Please respect the lounge space by being mindful of your volume levels, cleaning and straightening up after use, and being gracious in your interactions with residents.

For inquiries about BGELLC related events in our lounge, please email the BGELLC Community Liaison at

Campus partners connected to the BGELLC:

To express interest in the Black Graduate Experience Living Learning Community, please complete a housing application.