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Graduate and Family Housing - Sublease


Dear Resident,

If you are a resident looking to temporarily lease your apartment or bedroom or are a non-resident hoping to find temporary housing, you have come to the right place!

Eligible residents must be regularly enrolled in a university recognized degree granting program and carry at least twelve (12) units per quarter. Additionally, your university student account must be current and there must be no holds on your account.

Please consider the following eligibility regulations in order to sublet:

Sublease Program Regulations:

  1. Academic Year: Sublease agreements may be for a maximum of three quarters. The person you select to sublease your room or apartment must meet all of our housing eligibility requirements as outlined in the Graduate and Family Housing handbook (hereinafter as "The Handbook" ).
    1. Summer: Sublease agreements may be for a maximum of three months. The person you select to sublease your room or apartment must be affiliated with UC San Diego and provide proof of their affiliation. Summer affiliates include visiting graduate students and scholars, Post docs, Researchers, Conference attendees, anyone working on campus during the summer, new incoming grad students, undergraduate students, and Fellows. 
  2. The current resident (sublessor) whenever possible, is responsible for providing:
    1. Entry keys or keycard
    2. Bedroom key (if applicable)
    3. Parking permit (if applicable)
    4. Access to mailbox to issue keys/permits and receive mail and packages.
  3. Rent:
    1. Payments: The temporary resident (sublessee) must pay the rent to the current resident (sublessor) or arrange payment to be made no later than the 5th of each month at the Central Cashier's Office.
    2. Rent amount: Rent charged by the sublessor should be no more than the amount charged by the University for the apartment/space.
    3. Rent Responsibility: The current resident assumes full responsibility for rental fees, and/or damage charges during the sublease period.
  4. The temporary resident (sublessee) must comply with all policies and procedures as indicated in the current resident's (sublessor's) rental agreement and The Handbook.
  5. The current resident (sublessor) is responsible for all personal property left in the apartment during the sublease dates.

Please Note: The Housing, Dining, Hospitality(HDH) staff does not assign sublessor or sublessees. Therefore, it is your responsibility to interview and screen each party carefully.

Additionally, current residents must have their roommate’s (if applicable) approval and signature on the Sublease form before it can be finalized. The Housing staff recommends that current residents work with their roommate(s) prior to completing the Sublet application form to avoid any miscommunications and/or misunderstandings.
**Sublease gender in shared apartments must match the gender preference of all occupants**